Salah Attia

Machinery Diagnostics International Consultant

Certifications & Courses

  • Certified Vibration Analyst Category IV
  • Certified Thermography Category II
  • Certified Oil Analyst Category II
  • Certified Asset Reliability Practitioner Category 1
  • Certified Maintenance & Reliability Professional – SMRP
  • Vibration Probes for Bently Nevada Systems
  • Rotor Dynamics and modal analysis Course
  • Rotor Dynamics Course
  • Precision Shaft Alignment Training (WE240) – (SKF)
  • Bearing Maintenance & Service course (BMR 603) -(SKF).
  • Motor current signature analysis EXP4000 course – (SKF).
  • Machinery Balancing Course

Eng. Salah Attia is one of the few machinery diagnostics international consultants, Holding the Australian citizenship he played a critical rule in each leading companies he worked with in Arabian Gulf, Egypt and Australia.

He has more than 15 years of experience in reliability & rotating machinery diagnostics services, troubleshooting and condition monitoring techniques in multinational organizations.

Currently he is acting as a Technical Consultant & Instructor at MCS – Australia.

His wide experience in specialized in rotating machinery diagnostics and condition monitoring using vibration analysis techniques and different vibration data collectors’ types and software.

As he is ISO 18436-2 CAT IV certified Vibration Analyst and approved instructor from Mobius Institute.

A practitioner oil analyst, collecting oil samples from different rotating equipment types and send it to the oil lap for analysis plus participate in Oil Analysis report and use it as essential tool with other CM techniques in machine faults diagnostics.

Certified ISO 18436-4 CAT II certified Oil Analyst from International Council of Machinery Lubrication (ICML)

And practitioner infrared thermographer, performing infrared thermography inspections for different electrical & mechanical equipment and do the analysis for reporting, Using it as essential tool with other CM techniques in machine faults diagnostics.

Certified ISO 18436-7 CAT II Infrared Thermographer from Infrared Training Center (ITC)

Carrying out proactive actions like onsite balancing single plane and two plane balancing and laser alignment using fixture laser alignment Go Pro, XA and Pruftechnik.

Having a different heavy industries experience such as Mining, Cement, Steel, Power Generation, Oil & Gas, Off Shore Oil Rigs, Refinery and Mineral Processing.

With a supreme communication / technical training skills and engagement with trainees and maintenance teams in order to improve site performance through delivering the technical knowledge and guiding them to drive down cost.