Aly Attia

Machinery Diagnostics Engineer

List of Certifications

  • Certified Vibration Analyst – CAT III
  • Certified Machinery Lubrication Analyst – CAT II
  • Certified Infrared Thermographer – CAT II
  • Certified Maintenance & Reliability Professional
  • Certified Advanced Turbomachinery Analyst
  • Advanced Machinery Balancing
  • Advanced Bearing Technology & Reliability
  • Asset Reliability Practitioner – A
  • Ultrasound Testing

Aly Attia is Machinery Diagnostics Engineer, having a major experience in Rotating Machinery Diagnostics and Reliability.

A practitioner who carry out rotating machinery diagnostics using many techniques including Vibration measurements and analysis, Oil sampling and analysis, Thermal Imaging and Ultrasound Testing, as well as performing precision onsite balancing and laser alignment for different industries heavy to medium ranges.

Wide experience in mechanical maintenance and machinery condition monitoring in different fields with experience such as Cement, Steel, Power Generation, Oil & Gas, Refineries, Food & Beverages … etc.

During his professional years as he conducted many presentations and on-hands technical trainings, in the field of Vibration Analysis, Machinery Lubrication and Infrared Thermography.

Aly is a practitioner helped many plants to helping industry improve machinery reliability and achieve maintenance goals, though tools of industry 4.0 and Inspection 2.0 world class strategies, utilizing all the tools for that by providing services or delivering technical trainings.

With a supreme communication / technical training skills and engagement with trainees and maintenance teams in order to improve site performance through delivering the technical knowledge and guiding them to drive down cost and the best use of different condition monitoring techniques.

With a successful delivery of many training courses including:
Infrared Thermography / Vibration Analysis / Machinery Lubrication Analysis / Precision Alignment / Machinery Balancing.